Thursday, May 2, 2013

Feminism is a Fraud

America is built on a foundation of principles that are everlasting: God and His righteous Laws, rights that are endowed to us by God, not by man, and a framework of government that is based on those two truths.

Through those foundations, a great nation was born. Every brick laid to raise this great land above the crumbling efforts of other government systems, was once mortared with a common understanding and agreement of the basic founding principles. This meant acknowledgement of the truth of Good vs Evil, and that the strength of a uniquely free society is found within the individual  hand-built walls of personal freedom and responsibility that are forged by strong families with unwavering commitment to God.

Since feminism was mottled together out of a deep disdain for God’s perfectly created order for men and women, it fueled the desire to rebel against the foundations of family. Therefore, the erosive movement was able to gain intense momentum as it was paired perfectly with a societal shift. Our nation became less concerned with foundations, more influenced by European Marxism, and sought out the Babylonian cry for feminism among women, and later brought along men, who all reject God.  Suddenly, the use of the once sacred mortar of our foundations of God, Constitution and iron-clad families of strength, were abandoned to pursue anti-godly endeavors and selfishly built altars of sin.

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