Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 250 ~ 2010

Originally posted in a forum in 2010 - this post may contain links which are no longer valid, if you find a non-working link, please let me know and I will attempt to find a replacement or make a correction as necessary.

Day 250

A great banquet - Daniel 5:1-4

Hand-writing on the wall - Daniel 5:5-16

Daniel interprets the same - Daniel 5:17-29

Babylon falls to Darius the Mede - Daniel 5:30-31

Cyrus enters city - 539 B.C.

Persia is the world power - 539-333 B.C. (Daniel's 2nd world empire)

Reign of Cyrus and Darius the Mede continue - 539-529 B.C. - Isaiah 44:28; Daniel 1:21; 11:1

Daniel's prayer - Daniel 9:1-19

Daniel's vision of the 70 weeks of years - Daniel 9:20-27; Psalm 102

Heh, I have heard that phrase 'the handwriting is on the wall' but did not grasp the connection between it and this incidence in scripture until typing out the heading.

5:6 knees smote against one another? Hmmm...several commentaries I looked at gave nothing definitive...he could have simply had 'weak' knees, unable to support himself, or lost control of bodily functions. Either way, the terror of the situation was exceedingly great.

5:12 - Daniel 2x, pagan name Belteshazzar 1x (Daniel - God is my judge) - Name change (from Unger's Bible Dictionary) "Obliged to enter the King's service at the royal court of Babylon, on which occasion he received the Chaldean name Belteshazzar, according to Eastern custom of taking a new name when a change takes place in one's condition of life and more especially if his personal liberty is thereby affected."

5:13 - "...Judah...brought out of Jewry..." - Jews are of the tribe of Judah...

Daniel 9:2 - "...I Daniel understood..." - only the Lord can make someone understand. How oft I get frustrated with someone because they do not 'get it'. Lord help each of us to have patience with others, especially me!

Daniel 9:20 - "...confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel..." - do we? Are we confessing daily? Praying and confessing for our nation?

Psalm 102 - who wrote this Psalm...some sources say David...regardless, I am again touched by the outpouring of prayer and petition to our heavenly Father through the difficulties.

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